PS4 Jailbreak – OFW 3.50 to CFW [WORKING 09/25/2017.]

How to Jailbreak a PlayStation 4

Many users around the world have accessed the exclusive world of a jailbroken PlayStation 4. By giving yourself the opportunity to run unsigned code through your exploited device to running countless unique software modifications, including a full Linux system, jailbreaking your PS4 is looking like a more and more attractive option. There are several things you need to do to set up your device and a few requirements, but, once you’ve got the green light, the world on the jailbroken PS4 awaits you.

On this page, you can find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your PlayStation 4 including everything you need to know to ensure the process is a painless and safe as possible. As usual, these methods have been tried and tested by ourselves and thousands of users around the world and have been proven to work, however, as with any unsupported device modification, there are always risks. There are multiple ways to jailbreak your device for different purposes, as listed below.

Get ready to take your PS4 entertainment device to the next level!

Disclaimer or any of the associated members of this website take no responsibility for any damage to problems or issues with your that exist as a result of attempting to jailbreak your device using the following method. You do so at your own risk. This process has been tried and tested and has been deemed reliable by thousands of users across the internet but, as an unsupported process with no official support, the chance for success is not 100%. If you decide to run pirated content on your jailbroken PlayStation 4, and any affiliated members of the websites are not responsible for your choices, and you do so at your own risk. Video game piracy is a crime and illegal in most countries around the world. This article is to be used only for informational purposes. and affiliated members take no responsibility for any damaged or faults caused to your device.


When it comes to jailbreaking your PlayStation 4, there are a couple of requirements that your device needs to have. Firstly, a PlayStation 4 can only be jailbroken if it is running firmware 1.76 or below. This means you haven’t updated your device and the firmware code reads this number when you’re on the settings menu.

If your device is running firmware 4.05 or below (so anything between 1.76 and 4.05), there has been rumours spreading around the Internet that a jailbreak is possible. There has even been a video released by the hacking group Chaitin Tech showcasing a jailbroken 4.05 device. However, this jailbreak is simply unattainable at present, and unless you are good friends with some deep hackers with access to this crack, you won’t be able to get hold of it until it is released.

Furthermore, if your device is running 4.06 or above, there’s simply no way to jailbreak your device. There have been no rumours or talk about it, and there’s simply nothing you can do.

Unfortunately, it’s also impossible to downgrade your current device. There are no tools, tips or software applications, so the only way to have a jailbroken device is to have a 1.76 model or buy one online if your current device is above this firmware.


If you’re interested in running the Linux operating system on your PlayStation 4, giving yourself the ability to run anything you would in a Linux environment. Be aware that this jailbreak technique contains source code, so you will some technical experience before proceeding.

Step One: Downloads & USB

Firstly, get yourself a blank USB drive, around 2GB or more is recommended. Plug it into your computer and format it to an FAT32 format.

From here, you will need to download the latest dlclose exploit from kR105’s GitHub page. This can be found here. When compiling the code, it’s recommended that you use the CTurt PS4 SDK which can be found here. This is the part where you will need technical skills to input your customizable payload code.

Each download comes with its own Readme files that will explain how to set them to your personal preferences and what code works where. Follow these instructions down to the letter to ensure everything works perfectly.

Now to get a readable and usable Linux distribution to run on your PlayStation 4 device. Head over to here to download the Linux distribution. Using the readme instructions on this page, add the necessary files to your USB stick.

Step Two: Running the Linux Kernel

Now that everything is setup, this is the easy part. Plug your USB into your PlayStation 4 (running firmware 1.76) and boot up the Linux Live Demo here. This gives you the tools necessary to boot up and modify your Linux distribution, allowing you to download and run your games, apps and software kits to your discretion!


One of the other popular jailbreak methods is known as the Brazilian Jailbreak. This was performed in game stores throughout Brazil using a Raspberry Pi device that enables the licenses of games to be transferred between PlayStation 4 systems. This enables the games to be played across devices, in laymen’s terms, allowing PlayStation 4 devices to run pirated games. The technique can only be implemented using a Raspberry Pi device, and the instructions on how to do so can be found here.


Apart from these methods, there is not much else you can do to jailbreak your PlayStation 4 currently. Users such as yourselves need to be technologically engaged to perform both jailbreaks, and it’s highly advised that you don’t attempt these methods unless you have completed something like this in the past. However, as we move towards the future, more user-friendly hacks may be released, depending on the output of the dev teams online. Watch this space.