How to Download Games for Your Jailbroken PlayStation 3

How to Download Games for Your Jailbroken PlayStation 3

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One of the greatest benefits of jailbreaking your device is the ability to download and run games on your PlayStation 2 without having to have the disk. With upgrades to your hard drive, you can own terabytes of memory making your PlayStation the hub of your entertainment setup. But where and how do you download games for your PlayStation 3? On this page, we’ll explore multiple ways you can achieve this and how’s best to download and install games for your device.

If you haven’t already jailbroken your PlayStation 3, you must do so for these methods to work. You can jailbreak your device using the method found here.


By far the easiest and most popular way to download games for your PlayStation 3 is using torrent websites. However, please beware that torrents can only be downloaded using p2p services and may contain viruses and other forms of malware that can affect your computer system. One of the most popular websites was Pirate Bay but has since been shut down, although various editions of the site do pop up here and there.

Using your favorite torrent site, type in your preferred PlayStation game of choice. When choosing which torrent to download, you’ll be looking for files and folders than around 20GBs in size although it solely depends on the game.

By far the easiest way to get hold of torrents is using a piece of software called uTorrent. This is a lightweight torrent downloader and file manager that will take up minimal room on your computer. Start by downloading and installing this program.

One of the most popular websites for download torrents is the file-sharing site known as Ulozto. This is a Czech file sharing site that hosts a large variety of different kinds of media. Sign onto the site and simply enter the name of the game you wish to download. Once the results are shown, organize your results by ‘Smallest First.’ This will give you an accurate list of what files are available, although, you are free to use whichever site you prefer to use.

Note, you also have the ability to download RAR and ZIP files which can also contain the files you would otherwise download using the torrents. These are also acceptable for this method.

Once you have found a game you wish to download, download it using a paid or free account before continuing.

Now that you have you downloaded folder, unzip the file, so all of the folders are unzipped and in their original positions. If your download is legitimate, there should be one folder named the title of your game with some code such as ‘BLES’ or ‘BLUS’.

From here, you need to insert your USB memory stick (any stick over 32GB should be more than enough), and you’re going to want to create a new folder in that memory stick titled ‘GAMEZ’.

Note, your USB stick must be formatted to an FAT32 format otherwise this will not work!

Copy your BLUS/BLES folder into the GAMEZ folder. Safely eject your disk and leave it to the site.


To install these games onto your PS3, you’re going to want the Multiman software installed on your PlayStation 3 device. For this, you’re going to want to head over to the official Multiman website. Scroll down on the first page, and you’ll find a grid at the bottom. Download your preferred edition of Multiman.

Now insert a blank USB flash drive (formatted to FAT32) into your computer and paste the Multiman file you downloaded into the USB drive. Now safely eject your USB drive, insert it into your jailbroken PS3 and turn it on.

Once on, navigate through your menu to your ‘Games’ menu and select ‘Install Package Files.’

Select your Multiman file that you just added to your USB drive, and the install process should begin. Once the install is complete, find the Multiman icon in your menu under the ‘Games’ option and click it. You will then be taken through a series of agreements and disclaimers which you must accept to continue. Multiman is now set up on your device!


If you have just installed Multiman, restart your device.

Once your device has restarted, insert your USB stick and navigate to ‘Multiman’ on your menu. Start the program. You should appear back on your menu, but the game from your USB should be shown on your menu.

Select the game you want to install and press ‘Triangle’ on your controller. This will open the options menu where you want to press ‘copy’ and then ‘yes.’ This will extract the folders onto your PS3 hard drive. Depending on the size of the game, it could take up to an hour to copy.

Once completed, highlight the game again, just as before and press ‘triangle’ but this time click ‘Game Settings’. On this page, you’ll make to make sure that the two options in the bottom left-corner titled ‘Internal’ and ‘BD Mirror’ are selected, otherwise your game will not run!

Once these options are selected, your game is installed and ready to play!


This is just one method of downloading and installing games onto your PS3 using a USB stick. There are countless apps and tools online that allow you to download the games straight to your PS3 or other ways to install which we will explore in other articles!


The list of possibilities as to why a game won’t work on your PlayStation is endless. It could be a faulty or broken download, a poor-quality game or simply just an illegitimate file. To ensure that this is the problem and not your process, follow the following tips and tricks to ensure everything is as it should be.

  • Ensure you have downloaded the right version of Multiman for the firmware that your PlayStation is running
  • Always ensure that the USB sticks you’re using are formatted to the FAT32 format.
  • If the game doesn’t load, ensure your ‘Game Settings’ have ‘Internal’ and ‘BD Mirror’ selected.
  • Ensure the games file on your USB stick is visible in the file manager on your PlayStation for it to be read. It should be titled ‘GAMEZ’. In the case that the file manager suite doesn’t show your USB stick once it has connected, turn your PlayStation off, then insert the USB stick and try again. If the problem persists, reformat your USB stick and reload the game files onto it.
  • The initial game folder you have downloaded should always have the title of your game and the codes ‘BLUS’ or ‘BLES’ followed by some numbers.