Top 21 Apps & Tweaks for Your Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Top 21 Apps & Tweaks for Your Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

If you haven’t already jailbroken your device, you can find out how to do so here.

When you have jailbroken your Apple device, now comes the fun part! By hacking your device, you grant yourself access to a whole range of tweaks, themes, apps and other exciting downloads that allow you to enhance your device’s capabilities. This enables you to customize your device to make it your own, giving yourself the best smart-device experience possible!

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, to give you a helping hand, here is a list of the top 21 apps and tweaks you can download to your jailbroken device today, enhancing your user experience that allows you to get the most out of your device.

ReachApp Free Repo:

Owning an iOS device has always had its restrictions. One of the biggest and most frustrating is the lack of ability to use your apps in a split screen format, similar to the Android multi-tasking function. ReachApp allows you to use a split screen function on your iOS 8 device, enabling you to enjoy a whole host of new opportunities whether you’re reading emails, writing notes or listening to music.

Springtomize 3 $2.99 Repo:

One of the best iDevice customization tweaks available. This tweak gives you full access to customize your device, whether you want to change to dock, the app drawer, the app animations, the font style and size with included abilities to hide and resize apps; you can create a device that perfectly matches your personality. Ever wondered what a device with 64 icons looked like? Now’s your chance to try!

UntetheredHeySiri Free Repo: TheBigBoss

You may have noticed on your device that you only say, ‘Hey Siri’ when your device is unlocked or on charge. Rather disappointed when you consider that the Android ‘Hello Google’ can be set to be activated anytime. UntetheredHeySiri removes this restriction, enabling Siri to activate anytime, anywhere.

iCaughtU Pro $2.50 Repo:

With the recent addition of the Find My iPhone feature, Apple has put a lot of working into protecting your device should you lose it or it gets stolen. Unfortunately, the app still suffers from drawbacks including the inability to use this feature if your device is turned off. To combat the issue, iCaughtU Pro is a simple addition to your existing security. Not only will this app lock your device, but it will also capture a picture using the front camera of anybody who tries to unlock it. Furthermore, you’ll be emailed a GPS location of where the device has been attempted to be unlocked, very handy for tracking it down again.

CCSettings Free Repo: TheBigBoss

This life-changing app allows you to completely personalize the apps and icons you can see in the control panel of your device. Never use Airplane Mode? You can use CCSettings to swap it out for something that’s better suited for you, such as Location Services or even your own Mobile Hotspot icon.

BioLockdown $2.99 Repo:

It’s a common thought experienced by most people when handing over your phone for a friend or family member to use. For example, if they’re looking through pictures but end up on the home screen, you may be thinking along the lines of ‘please don’t go on that app!”. Addressing this common problem, Biolockdown allows you to control access to each app individually, requesting your thumbprint to enable it to open.

Sicarius Free Repo: TheBigBoss

App switchers have always been a controversial talking point when it comes to Apple devices. Sicarius is hands down one of the best app switchers available. Not only does it allow you to kill all your open applications in the tap of a button, but it also adds an impressive graphically animation to your device, making your device look amazing when you’re switching apps!

Rotate+ Free Repo:

With the latest release of the iPhone 6, many users love one of the newest features in which you can use your iDevice in a landscape mode, giving you greater control over some of your apps, especially on your home screen. But why should iPhone models below the iPhone 6 not enjoy the same benefits? Rotate+ enables you to rotate your device and enjoy every app or menu from a landscape perspective, just like you should have been able to in the first place.

F.lux Free Repo:

We’ve all been then when we’re trying to sleep and see a notification pop up on our devices. When attempting to see what it says, we become blinded by the screen whose brightness we forgot to turn down. F.lux is a revolutionary app that adds a filter to your device’s screen, making it a faint orangey color. This is proven to cause less strain on your eyes, especially during the night and helps you sleep better and your eyes to feel a lot more relaxed.

Activator Free Repo: TheBigBoss

Renowned for being one of the most essential jailbreaking apps of all time, Activator allows you to customize taps and onscreen gestures that can result in many various effects, such as opening an application. For example, you could set the app, so when you swipe three fingers on the screen, it opens your Facebook app while a long press opens Messenger. The possibilities are endless!

FolderEnhancer $0.99 Repo: TheBigBoss

If your device has a ton of apps, folders are the easiest way to go about organizing them so you can access them quickly when you need them. The FolderEnhancer tweak allows you to add much bigger folders than you could traditionally. You can even select folder sizes up to 5×5 and above, giving you move than enough room to organize your apps cleanly and tidily.

RevealMenu Free Repo: TheBigBoss

One of the leading features of the new iOS 9 updates is the ability to long-press an app which results in a comprehensive menu. This menu allows you to access certain features of app, for example quickly long-pressing the maps icon will allow you to see a menu with options such as ‘Mark My Location’ or ‘Share My Location.’ To enjoy these benefits on a device running iOS 8 or below, download RevealMenu for free!

Anemone Free Repo:

Customizing your device is one of the most beneficial aspects of jailbreaking your device. This is something that the Anemone app completes perfectly. This awesome little app allows you to skin your device with a wide variety of themes and icon packs, enabling you to make your device something that’s special to you and you can call your own.

BytaFont 2 Free Repo: ModMyi

Continuing with the customization levels of your device, BytaFont 2 allows you to overhaul the default font of your device completely. This changes everything from messages, keyboard, and even your notes. Basically, anywhere you see text, the font will have changed to the one that you set. There are thousands of various fonts to choose from that can be found of free on the Cydia app.

SaveGram Free Repo: TheBigBoss

This is an incredibly handy little tweak that allows you to save videos and images that you’ve seen on Instagram. Maybe you’ve seen a beautiful photo you’d love to have as your wallpaper or a picture of you on a night out with friends you want to keep forever? Either way, use this lightweight app that allows you to tap and download from any Instagram post easily.

Zeppelin Free Repo: ModMyi

One of the juiciest customization tweaks available for jailbroken devices. Where your carrier logo is on the top left-hand side of your screen, this logo and text can be completely customized to whatever you want it to be. Whether you want a Batman logo or a Transformers logo, Zeppelin can make it happen. Either way, it’s a lot better than the traditional AT&T logo. Can’t decide? The app will also allow you to choose to randomize, picking a new icon every time you unlock your device.

Phantom for Snapchat Free Repo:

Easily one of the greatest Snapchat application tweaks to ever exist, any Snapchat fan will wonder how they ever managed without it. With Phantom, you have access to a whole host of benefits including the ability to hold your snaps in your feed, marking them read whenever you desire. You can also keep a Snap log with all your sent media backed up, and you have access to a whole new range of photo effects and can even send images and videos directly from your camera roll.

WeatherBoard Free Repo: TheBigBoss

One of the leading jailbreak apps, this gorgeous tweak is sometimes the reason people decide to jailbreak their devices. Download this tweak, and you’ll be able to change your wallpaper of your device automatically to match the weather that you pre-set, either based on a location you determine or your live device location.

WinterBoard Free Repo:

Renowned as being the hands-down best customization app available for jailbroken devices, WinterBoard gives you the ability to apply themes, change icons, and basically customize your device to look however you want it to. There are infinite places you can download resources for your themes from online, whether you’re on the Cydia App or just browsing the internet.

MyWi $20 Repo:

Don’t let the expensive price tag turn you away from this incredible app. MyWi allows you to add WiFi tethering to your device, even if you don’t pay for the feature from your carrier. This allows you to connect, televisions, games consoles, computers and any kind of Wi-Fi enabled device, without having to worry about expensive tethering charges.

Netflix++ Free Repo: TheBigBoss

The ability to watch Netflix through your iPhone or iPad is one of the greatest features you can enjoy. The crystal-clear screens, high-definition content, what more could you ask for? However, from time to time you may get stuck on what you want to watch. This is where Netflixx++ comes in. This handy little app adds trailers to your existing Netflix app, allow you to preview the series or movie before you have to sit and watch it!