Top 10 Apps for Your Rooted Android Device

Top 10 Apps for Your Rooted Android Device

One of the greatest benefits of rooting your Android device is the number of apps and features you can now download, access and run, giving you a fully customizable and more entertaining experience with your device. If you haven’t already rooted your device, click here for our step by step guide on how to do so! If you have already rooted your device or just looking for inspiration on why you should, here is our top ten list of apps you can download today, leading you towards an Android experience like no other.

Rom Toolbox – Free/$9.99

To kickstart this list, we’ve chosen on the most incredible out-of-the-box rooted applications that will revolutionize the way you use your device. There’s never been anything else like this. Included you’ll find an integrated file browser, ad blocker, app manager, ROM management (<< and it’s fluid, and it works), font installers, script writers and basically anything and everything you would need to overhaul and create your perfect device completely.

On compatible devices, you can even edit and create your own boot animations, add your own themes, and you can update your status bar icons.

Lucky Patcher – Free

This is undoubted one of the first apps you should download to your device. The Lucky Patcher app allows you to do any of three things.

Firstly, you’ll be able to do away with any licensing verification issues you may currently experience. This relates to apps you have paid for in the past but may have problems accessing, for example, a change of Google Play account.

Secondly, you’ll be able to lock in your favorite apps by converting them into system apps. This stops you from accidently deleting apps in your app drawer and can work the other way by removing unwanted system apps, such as all the spam apps you receive when you first purchase your device.

Finally, and easier the greatest feature, you can remove ads from your favorite apps. When you sign on for the first time, you’ll notice your apps will be highlighted in different colors. These colors have different meanings can find definitions for on the website. Compatible apps (and there’s a lot of them) means you can completely remove the ads without having to pay for the app itself.

Tasker – £2.99

Have you ever wanted to streamline your devices experience like never before? For example, plugging in your headphones or connecting to a wireless speaker automatically opens your preferred music player? Now you can thanks to this handy little app which boasts hundreds and hundreds of little tweaks to optimize your day. Available for rooted and unrooted phones, rooted users will have access to a much more complete experience where they can pretty much automate anything they want.

Greenify – Free

A must-have for users who are looking for ways to improve the battery life of their device. Works on both rooted and unrooted devices, rooted users can enjoy a whole host of benefits including the ability to hibernate your device when not in use and streamlines your devices animations. This results in a more fluid and responsive experience while saving you precious battery life.

Quick Reboot – Free/$1.99

This is an incredibly simple app that does exactly what it says in the title, an essential app for anybody with a rooted device. Whether you’re downloading apps, playing with your system settings or flashing ROMs to your device, or whenever a restart is required, simply pop on this app and be back up and running in a couple of seconds. This perfect app means you no longer have to worry about lengthy restart times.

Adblock Plus – Free

The revolutionary, multi-million download Chrome extension is now available for rooted Android devices. Browse the web in complete comfort, not having to worry about those pesky apps popping up here there and everywhere. Works on countless websites, you can optimize your web browsing experience with the click of a button.

Link2SD – Free/$2.35

A vital addition to any rooted user’s device, Link2SD allows you to effortlessly transfer your files and apps over to your SD card. By default, Android devices save apps to the internal storage of your device. This can cause problems, especially since, due to system setting, not every app can be moved to the SD card and you can quickly run out of space. Using Link2SD, you can transfer any file to your SD card, no problems.

Viper4Android – Free

One of the downsides to Android devices is the speaker quality. Depending on the brand, some are good, some are bad, but none really compare to the Apple quality of the speaker unless you’re buying a dedicated music phone. Fortunately, rooted users have access to the Viper4Android app. This handy little app is perfect for controlling the way you listen to your music through the phone speaker, Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

You’ll have access to countless effects, equalizers, audio drivers and so much more, giving you complete control on how you listen to your music. It’s highly recommended that you follow the tutorials when installing this app.

SuperSu – Free/$3.75

The market-leading rooted application. Whenever you’re following a tutorial or downloading a new app or tweak, SuperSu is usually included to make your life easier. And it’s true; this is exactly what it does. In fact, most applications used to root your phone will install this as you root your device. This app basically boasts an incredible array of features including terminal editors, file explorers and an extensive range of settings you can customize to make your device exactly how you want.

Gravity Box – Free

For users looking to overhaul and customize every single aspect of their device completely, they don’t need to look further than Gravity Box. This lightweight tweak enables users to fully personalize every detail of their device from the buttons and functions to navigational bars, notification bars and much more. If you can think of system setting you’d like to change, the chances are that Gravity box can help you achieve it.