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How to Jailbreak a PS4, PS3, IPHONE or SAMSUNG Galaxy for Free

Welcome to Jailbreak.co; Over here we focus on delivering the latest Jailbroken Operating Systems for various devices such as the Sony PS4 and PS3, Apple iPhone (All models past 4) and the Samsung Galaxy (all models past S4). In the future we plan to release more Jailbreak OS’s for more devices.

Every single piece of firmware we distribute on our site is tested on multiple models of that device, to check if your device is compatible, click here, to compare your device model number or version on the list. To find your device model number, click which device you own below:


To download a jailbreak for your device, click the appropriate device below:

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All of the firmwares that are downloaded contain the actual firmware itself, the source code to the firmware and a read me file with easy to follow instructions.

It is well known that if the update process goes wrong (such as the device power turning off during the update process), it could cause the device to “brick”, which renders it inactive.

Pre-2013 this was an issue, but these days the devices could be flashed back to their Original OS -> Thus not voiding the device warranty.

We stress with caution to ensure the device is fully charged or correctly plugged in prior to installing the jailbreak firmware.

We update ALL our links daily, to ensure they all correctly working. Some people may be skeptical on how this service is free, that could simply be answered by a majority of our profits come from advertising, NOT ONCE do we ever ask you to install software on your PC.

Most of the time it is simply dragging and dropping files to the device, and then running them through debug mode on the device.

We hope you enjoy our service, and if you did, be sure to share our site on Facebook and Twitter!
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